Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Honeymoon Pictures

So we honeymooned in Key West and it was FABULOUS! :o) Here's a few pictures from the trip. Forgive me and my freckly face sans make up. Jess and I had a really great time. Visited Hemingway's house, the pirate museum, evening ghost tours of the city, ate ice cream on the pier, went to the beach...did lots and lots of stuff. Now that the wedding planning is behind me, let me get caught up with work this week and I will be back to do some proper blogging. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

More Wedding Pictures

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sneak Peek

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Last Post as a Spinster

My little wedding widget informs me that in exactly 6 days, I will be a Mrs. Am I nervous? YES! And the nerves get worse every day...but not why you may think. I am excited beyond measure to marry Jess and there is not an ounce of doubt in my soul that says I shouldn't. The nerves are with the inevitable fact that for an entire day...all eyes will be on me and I will be the center of attention. For someone who usually prefers to remain behind the scenes and under the radar, the knowledge that I will be thrust front and center...scares the hell out me.

This will be my last post before the wedding as my free time is slim to none now and we're leaving Thursday afternoon to head to the wedding location. I'm sure we'll spend Friday helping to set up for the rehearsal dinner and putting centerpieces and favors together. If you guys want to see pictures early...you should send me a friend request on Facebook! Just email me at:
linnyspinster @ gmail.com (without the spaces) and I'll send you my info to find me or you can send me yours...whatever.

I had my final dress fitting last week and get to pick it up Monday or Tuesday...it looks great and I got one that has the corset back because I just think those are very sexy. :o) And we went and got our marriage license Wednesday....so that really put things in perspective and made it real! I'm ever so slightly panicky because my face has been clear for months, but now 6 days before the wedding, I'm breaking out and pro-active isn't doing the job it should! I'm now drinking so much water that I'm sure I could float down the aisle! Sigh. Just my luck.

Anyway, so I guess that's all from me. I'll be back in a few weeks...wish me luck!

Friday, April 02, 2010

It's All Come Down to This

Believe it or not, your beloved spinster will be getting married in 15 days. Shocker right?

With April 17th fast approaching, I find myself constantly running mental check lists to determine what still needs to be done. Fortunately...there isn't much. Just the minor details. We've got a lot of help from family and friends, so they're all helping to tie up loose ends and take on the tasks that I'm no good at. For instance: Song selections for the reception...if it were based on my musical tastes, it would be a boy band extravaganza. So for the safety and well being of all our guests, my soon to be sister-in-law and her husband have stepped in and taken on the task of selecting music that won't make your ears bleed. :o)

I did however pick out our first dance because it's a song that I very much love. It's cute and quirky and says exactly how I feel about Jess. It's called, "The Way I Am" by Ingrid Michaelson. If you don't know it, you should google it. I tried to post the You Tube link here but it wasn't feeling cooperative.

Let's see, because it's been so long I feel like I need to give you a sneak peek into the planning. Because it's a spring wedding, my colors are pink and green. Our wedding is in south Georgia where his family is from and we're getting married in the same church his grandparents and parents were married. The reception is at his Aunt's house because she has a beautiful, amazing southern home. With a huge yard shaded by lots of old oak trees, a huge pond that wraps around the side and back of the house and a small muscadine vineyard. His family is doing the cooking...and let me tell you, they are all amazing cooks so while we may be keeping it simple and going with finger foods and such...it will still be fantastic.

Let's see...details. My centerpieces are mason jars filled with coffee beans and pink carnations and the flowers for the food table and such are various pink and green flowers in small vintage tins. My bouquet, assuming the florist does it right, should look like this picture...minus the flowy ribbon. The cake is a 3 tiered round cake...dark pink with pale pink polka dots and is being made by a friend who is a cake decorator. She is also making Jess' grooms cake which is a super cool Atlanta Braves jersey.

The rehearsal dinner is at his grandparents house. Long tables covered in blue and white checked table clothes, nestled under the huge oak trees and surrounded by cotton fields...BBQ, brunswick stew, baked beans and whatever else his momma decides to throw in since they are doing the cooking for that also. Can't wait.

My best friend and her mom threw us an engagement party 2 weeks ago which was really cool. It was the first time our two families have really met and I was so nervous but it went off without a hitch and everyone had a really great time. I also had my bachelorette party last weekend and of course I was forced to don the silly (but mandatory) accessories of a feather tiara, veil and sash that lit up and said, "Ms. Out of control bachelorette." Sigh. Lol. They got a van and talked a guy friend into chauffeuring us around to various bars around here and Atlanta. But not before they brought out my "Big Surprise." Not a stripper. Oh no. Instead I got a huge ice penis...and it doesn't end there. You have to take shots from the big ice penis! My face has never been so red in my life. The entire bar got up and crowded around our tables with their camera phones pointed at me for the big event, yelling lewd suggestions and various words of advice. I was a good sport and took my shots like a champ and finished amid cheers and whistles before grabbing the shot glass and making everyone else take their turn at the ice penis. Good times right?

Well, I guess that about sums it up for now right? I've got my hair trial tomorrow and a final dress fitting next week...and shortly there after, it will be show time. We're heading to Key West after. I think we're flying into Miami and then driving the rest of the way so that we can see the bridges...I don't know, I left the honeymoon details to Jess since my plate runneth over. But I can't wait! This was probably more info than you guys wanted..lol. But I've been gone so long that I deemed it necessary to make it up to you with lots of detail! Hopefully I'll get the chance to write before the wedding, if not...I'll make sure to post pictures after.

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