Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I'm drowning in it.

I've got to remember to breathe.

Breathe Lindsey...just breathe.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Evacuate? Really?

There is nothing like being stirred from a semi-conscious slumber by the schreeching of smoke detectors and fire alarms.
At first I thought my pot smoking, downstairs neighbor had somehow set off his alarm while making a late night snack. But the sudden shouts from outside, let his skinny butt off the hook (he's on my naughty list for recent trumpet practice during my Idol time.)
Turns out there was a fire in the building next to ours so the courtesy officer was yelling for everyone to evacuate and gather in the courtyard. My first thought? Where the hell is my bra? Quickly followed by me pulling on a pair of pants and grumbling that an emergency WOULD have to happen when I look like absolute shit. Couldn't pick a day when I've just shaved my legs and am looking beautified...
But I digress.
Everything ended as well as it could, considering the circumstances. Most of the damage was headed off by the sprinkler system and we were given the green light to return home. Still have no idea what caused it though. But it did bring a question to light.
You have mere moments to decided what to take with you and run. Living things aside...what do you grab?

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