Friday, February 05, 2010

The New Year

What is with the spammers here lately? Sheesh. I had to turn on my word verification for comments for the first time in years!

Anywho, I know I promised to write and I've been away. But let me just tell you, planning a wedding is no walk in the park my friend. I am constantly busy. Whether it's cutting and pasting cute little inserts for the hotel acommodations, hand addressing a bazillion invitations, or spending countless hours on the phone and internet tracking down and securing all the minor little details that go into this circus. It is work.

But it's all coming together. We are 71 days away from BINGO. Invitations went out this week and all the vendors are secured. Now we're just down to the little stuff.

I cannot wait to be married. Every day I look at him and am thankful.

He loves me and tells me so every day...even when I'm grumpy or moody.

He's thoughtful and always puts me first.

I never have to fight for his attention. He gives it to me and gladly...even if it means having to sit through American Idol.

And probably the sweetest thing of all...he always, ALWAYS opens the car door for me. Every single day. Every single time.

Yup. I can't wait.

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