Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Honeymoon Pictures

So we honeymooned in Key West and it was FABULOUS! :o) Here's a few pictures from the trip. Forgive me and my freckly face sans make up. Jess and I had a really great time. Visited Hemingway's house, the pirate museum, evening ghost tours of the city, ate ice cream on the pier, went to the beach...did lots and lots of stuff. Now that the wedding planning is behind me, let me get caught up with work this week and I will be back to do some proper blogging. Enjoy!


OpenID destinationathlete said...

Oh, it looks SOOOO nice and beautiful.

Congrats again - you guys look very happy together!!

4/27/2010 8:39 AM  
Blogger Professor Fate said...

Why do southern girls always apologize about their lack of make-up? It is who you are. It is who we would see if we were lucky enough to wake up next to you. I love the the glimpse behind the make-up.

May ice cream on the pier be the unhappiest moment of the rest of your life.

4/27/2010 9:52 AM  
Blogger Princess Pessimism said...

OMG That sign is AWESOME!!! LOL @ Caution jumping sharks.

4/27/2010 8:28 PM  
Blogger Natasha said...

The jumping sharks sign made my day! :D

4/27/2010 10:26 PM  
Blogger ChYmEc!nDy** said...

I came across in a blogging world and found you... Love your blog.

4/29/2010 10:19 PM  
Blogger W.C.Camp said...

Congrats on the Wedding and Pix. I wish I could see the most Souther point of the Continental USA marker. Nice pix. W.C.C.

4/30/2010 11:49 PM  
Blogger tsduff said...

You look so happy Lindsey - and I'm happy for you! Key West is on my list of sights to see... one day *sigh*

5/06/2010 11:48 AM  
Blogger Maja said...

Oh my god I'm behind, you're married already!! Your wedding dress is very similar to mine, it's uncanny! Congratulations and all that jazz, you look so happy.. you may need to rename your blog!

5/08/2010 11:39 AM  
Blogger Phil said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

5/09/2010 5:53 AM  
Blogger Phil said...

Happiness couldn't happen to a nicer person.

5/09/2010 5:55 AM  
Blogger yrautca said...

nice pics. congrats.

5/10/2010 9:23 PM  

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